This is the list of changes to wordcloud between each release. For full details, see the commit logs at

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WordCloud 1.8.1

Release Date 11/11/2020


  • Added wheels for Python 3.9.

WordCloud 1.8.0


  • Add support for building wheels for Python 3.8 for all platforms and 32-bit wheels for windows only. See #547 and #549. Contributed by @amueller and @jcfr.


WordCloud 1.7.0


  • Add export of SVG files using WordCloud.to_svg() by @jojolebarjos .

  • Add missing options to the command line interface, PR #527 by @dm-logv.

WordCloud 1.6.0


  • Add support to render numbers and single letters using the include_numbers and min_word_length arguments.


  • Add example showing another example of image-based coloring and masks.

WordCloud 1.5.0



  • Add support for mask contour. Contributed by @jsmedmar.

  • Update wordcloud.WordCloud to support repeat keyword argument. If set to True, indicates whether to repeat words and phrases until max_words or min_font_size is reached. Contributed by @amueller.


  • Support installation on Linux, macOS and Windows for Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 by updating the Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure and support the automatic creation and upload of wheels to PyPI. Contributed by @jcfr.

    • Use scikit-ci to simplify and centralize the CI configuration. By having appveyor.yml, .circleci/config.yml and .travis.yml calling the scikit-ci command-line executable, all the CI steps for all service are described in one scikit-ci.yml configuration file.

    • Use scikit-ci-addons to provide a set of scripts useful to help drive CI.

    • Simplify release process using versioneer. Release process is now as simple as tagging a release, there is no need to manually update version in

    • Remove use of miniconda and instead use manylinux docker images.

  • Fix installation of the cli on all platforms leveraging entry_points. See #420. Contributed by @jcfr.

Bug fixes



  • Setup automatic deployment of the website each time the master branch is updated. Contributed by @jcfr.

  • Update website to use Read the Docs Sphinx Theme. Contributed by @amueller.


  • Update testing infrastructure. Contributed by @jcfr.

    • Switch testing framework from nose to pytest.

    • Enforce coding style by running flake8 each time a Pull Request is proposed or the master branch updated.

    • Support generating html coverage report locally running pytest, coverage html and opening htmlcov/index.html document.

WordCloud 1.4.1

Bug fixes

  • Improve stopwords list. Contributed by @xuhdev.


  • Remove outdated channel and use conda-forge. Contributed by @amueller.

  • Add test for the command line utility. Contributed by @xuhdev.