Using frequencyΒΆ

Using a dictionary of word frequency.

import multidict as multidict

import numpy as np

import os
import re
from PIL import Image
from os import path
from wordcloud import WordCloud
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def getFrequencyDictForText(sentence):
    fullTermsDict = multidict.MultiDict()
    tmpDict = {}

    # making dict for counting frequencies
    for text in sentence.split(" "):
        if re.match("a|the|an|the|to|in|for|of|or|by|with|is|on|that|be", text):
        val = tmpDict.get(text, 0)
        tmpDict[text.lower()] = val + 1
    for key in tmpDict:
        fullTermsDict.add(key, tmpDict[key])
    return fullTermsDict

def makeImage(text):
    alice_mask = np.array("alice_mask.png"))

    wc = WordCloud(background_color="white", max_words=1000, mask=alice_mask)
    # generate word cloud

    # show
    plt.imshow(wc, interpolation="bilinear")

# get data directory (using getcwd() is needed to support running example in generated IPython notebook)
d = path.dirname(__file__) if "__file__" in locals() else os.getcwd()

text = open(path.join(d, 'alice.txt'), encoding='utf-8')
text =

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